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(as of June 2019)

YES, you can still legally travel to Cuba!  


But . . . we understand, with all of the headlines and news circulating about a "ban" on Cuba travel... it can be pretty confusing to navigate!


Not to worry, we're ready to navigate this new era with you.


While for some, the recent changes in regulations might feel like a "ban" on travel; for us, it simply isn't the case. We've been leading trips to Cuba for many years under different administrations and are well experienced in arranging travel programs that will comply with current government regulations AND provide you with the ideal program that will match your goals, schedule and budget.


So what exactly is happening with Cuba travel?


Here's the deal: one license category for legal travel (People to People Educational travel) was eliminated.  While that was certainly a popular & commonly used license category, it was not the ONLY way to travel, there are still 11 other categories available.  We have not only used some of these other categories ourselves, but have also recommended them to clients participating in our travel programs. 


All trips currently listed on our website have itineraries that follow the guidelines of several different license categories -- and we're in touch with our legal advisers as to the best ways to adjust our programming to support travelers who would like pursue travel via the other legal categories.

Should we need to change any of our program packages (or what's included) due to the regulations, we will speak with you as we make these modifications so that you understand their purpose and whether you need to prepare for your trip differently!


What if the law changes again?


The past two times the Trump administration has made significant changes to Cuba Travel regulations -- it has "grandfathered" in anyone who had already begun their travel transaction. This means that as long as some action was taken (i.e. book a plane ticket, place a deposit, etc) PRIOR to changes in the law, you would still be able to travel under the regulations that were in place at the time you made the travel transaction.


We highly recommend to anyone planning to travel in the next two years that they place a deposit on a travel program as soon as possible, so that even if the laws change... your plans (most likely) won't need to!


Not sure when exactly you're going to travel?


Not a problem!  We have a great flexible option for you.  It's ideal for those who know that they want to travel sometime in the next two years or so, want to make sure they can begin their travel transaction, AND have the flexibility and peace of mind to schedule a travel program that works best for your budget, time and goals.

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