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The MetaMovements Touch

As you may have heard (or read)  -- Cuba does not always operate like the US in many ways, between the embargo & is recent economic depression many industries don’t function at the same level of efficiency as you’d find around the world. While some Caribbean islands have been touched by the tourism industry for a very long time and developed processes for high level customer service, the same is not the case in Cuba. This means that while some members of the industry in Havana are highly efficient and motivated to support every traveler they come across, some are resigned to the reality of cancelled events, mistakes in bookings & meals, and the overall daily frustration that can occur in Cuba.

Over the span of the past 15 years we have cultivated close relationships with homeowners, dancers, and coordinators who are motivated to show visitors the best that Havana has to offer and create comfortable space for true and authentic exchanges between Americans and Cubans. For this reason, whether your housing is economical, mid range, or luxury -- the staff will always be there to support you in case any issues occur in your house or during your programming hours.

Choose Your Trip Length

4 Day, 7 Day, or 

Extend your stay with a customized experience

Select the trip length that works best for your schedule and budget

Select Your Ideal Experience

Dance Intensive OR Cuba Connections

These two options support travelers with different types of goals. Both include amazing workshops, performances and cultural activities… but one is more focused on the dance training, while the other is broader in its scope.

Tell Us About Your Goals

Once you register, we take the time to learn more about your goals and preferences so that you can enjoy your time on the island to the fullest!

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