The confusion is over! Can we still travel to Cuba? The answer is YES!

It’s OFFICIAL! After several months of confusing reports, announcements, and travel advisories, the new Cuba Regulations and "Prohibited List" came out today, and the good news is that travel to Cuba is still legal for U.S. citizens and residents, as long as they comply with the new regulations! But the laws are hard to read, so many of you have already started to ask us questions, and we want to help you find the answers. Please feel free to post your questions here, and we will provide information that can help.

For today, the first answer is… YES!! You can register now for a trip to Cuba for Thanksgiving, New Years, or look at other dates into 2018. There are discounts available now for many of these programs, so we hope you will join us in keeping the exchange between our countries flowing despite our President’s announcements. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about making the journey!

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